Data Services

In addition to repairing data problems, we provide a variety of other services related to your data.  Listed below are some of the most requested.  Many other service providers use a technique called a "rebuild" of your data to accomplish these goals, but we use other techniques which let us finish these projects much faster and at a much lower cost than a rebuild would allow.

  • Unclose a year - A customer closed 2011, then oops accidentally closed 2012 too... thought it wouldn’t be a problem, then months later realized she needed to enter a few transactions in December 2012. She didn’t want to lose all those new transactions... we were able to unclose 2012 for her.
  • Change the inventory costing method - If you set up your inventory items using the default costing method, but then realized that wasn't the method you should have selected, and Peachtree/Sage won't allow you to correct that, we can change it for you.
  • Change inventory type, for example change all stockable inventory items to nonstock.
  • Help with Export/Import or Rebuild
    • Strip quotes and commas from text fields for your export/import:
    • If you're rebuilding a company and need assistance with certain steps, we can help…
      • If data won't import because of quotation marks or commas within text fields, we can strip them for you or change them to something else.
      • If you need to export or import data that isn't available through Peachtree/Sage's export/import functionality, we can do it for you… for example if users were logging collections attempts in the EventLog.
      • Export any Peachtree/Sage 50 data to Excel, MS Access, CSV, XML or other formats:
      • A customer requested…"I’ve attached the maximum available data that I was able to export from Peachtree... Can you get me the rest of the fields such as tele2, fax, URL, 1099 settings, custom field data, etc, basically looking for everything that is able to enter to a field on the Vendor screens and tabs." We can!
  • Downgrade from Quantum to Premium or another version within the same product year.
  • Fiscal year and other period changes -
    • Our techniques don't require a rebuild of your company, so we avoid the pitfalls frequently seen during exporting and importing the data.
    • We can change from 12 periods per year to 13, or vice versa.
    • Change your fiscal year from a calendar year to something else, or vice versa.
    • Change your periods to be based on calendar months or something else like every fourth Saturday.
  • Purge Services
    • If you have open POs or SOs in closed years, we can close them.
    • If transactions related to jobs won't purge, we can purge them.
    • If transactions won't purge because there are too many related transactions, we can often resolve it.
    • If you're uncomfortable performing a purge yourself, we can do it for you.
  • GL Account Changes
    • Change the GL default account for vendors, customers, line items
    • Add another GL segment
  • Change the basis (cash or accrual)
  • Change the company type (for example: Corp to S-Corp)
  • Clear out data that was erroneously imported.

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if your idea isn't on this list, let us know.  We can develop a solution for you.

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