Toolkit for Peachtree

The Multiware Toolkit For Peachtree V2.1 is a powerful set of tools that gives you new and flexible means to exchange accounting data with your Peachtreeâ„¢ Accounting software. This package takes advantage of the Peachtree COM/ActiveX interface to import and export accounting data. Works with Sage 50/Peachtree Complete or higher, versions 2005-2024 , including Quantum.

The package includes four main components:

  • A COM/ActiveX library (DLL) that supports a set of objects that correspond to accounting system views
  • An MS Excel workbook with more than 30 worksheet views, each with VBA code that retrieves accounting data through the COM/ActiveX library
  • An MS Access database with sample imports, exports, and reports, all connected to your Sage 50 or Peachtree Accounting system through the COM/ActiveX library
  • A standalone application that will scan your Peachtree backup for physical damage to any of your data files, giving you confidence that your backups are OK.

The Excel workbook and Access database are powerful tools that you can use "out-of-the-box", letting you 1) immediately put the package to work, pulling your data into spreadsheets and customizable reports, and 2) see how to use the objects and methods supplied in the library.  Note: the Excel and Access tools do not work with 64-bit Office.

Excel iconThe Multiware MS Excel Tool is a comprehensive set of Excel worksheets contained in one Excel workbook file, MW_ExcelToolForPT.xls. From that workbook, you can view all of your primary accounting data. Each worksheet is formatted in a manner that produces an attractive printed output. You don't need to know how to code in VBA to access your data or modify the worksheet formatting. However, if you are comfortable with VBA code, you can do even more.

Access iconThe Toolkit also includes the Multiware MS Access Tool; a powerful set of forms, reports, filters, and VBA code for accessing your accounting data. Through the Access Tool top-level dialog, you can choose to Export data, print reports, or Import data into your accounting database. More than 30 common report formats are provided as ready-to-use. Several import functions are provided as examples of VBA code you can use when creating your custom applications for channeling data into your accounting database.

Access Tool Example Reports Dialog
The MS Access Tool Export Data Dialog 

Price: $349  for initial license, $179  for each additional license. Licenses include one year of updates, and one hour of installation support including basic product instruction. More than 1 hour of database and/or programming support is billable.

The current version of Toolkit is 2024.06.28 . Version history

Once you have purchased your first copy of Toolkit you can purchase additional licenses by logging in and selecting Purchase Additional licenses from your product page.

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