Multiware Redistributable Libraries

Multiware Software provides redistributable PawCom2 libraries. Interested customers will need to contact (619.734.7284) for pricing. With purchase redistributors receive a 3rd party key to embed in their applications that allow redistribution without the registration popup after the 30-day trial period in the standard full versions of our applications.

  • A ReadMe_1st PDF illustrates implementation.
  • Example applications are provided that can be used to test your 3rd party key while illustrating implementation.
  • Obfuscation of your .Net code is required to obfuscate your 3rd party key.
  • We provide the wrapper for VB6 applications & include implementation instructions in the ReadMe_1st PDF.

Interested parties are encouraged to thoroughly explore the 30-day trial version of PawCom2. All Sage 50 data tables are exposed to simplify transfer of data directly between company data files and any .NET application or any application that is COM-compatible, such as MS Office, VB6, C++ and other popular development tools.

The current version of the PawCom2 libraries-only is . Version History