Toolkit Registration

For the first time Toolkit user you will start with the Demonstration version. This runs for 30-days in trial mode. If you have not already downloaded the demonstration toolkit you will need to do that and install it on the computer it will run on before you can proceed with registration.  The toolkit is licensed to run on a single computer. If you want to run the toolkit on several computers you can purchase additional licenses after the initial purchase. To obtain the registration key for a computer with the demonstration version on it, first start either the Access or Excel tool and click the Register button. (If you don't see a Register button, the toolkit is already registered on that computer.) When the Unlock Software form appears, click the Proceed button. The form will display a Fingerprint, which is a unique identifier for the computer. Enter the fingerprint in the text boxes below and proceed on to purchase the license. You can not proceed with purchasing a license without the Fingerprint number! After your order is completed you will be able to download the full version of the Toolkit and be given your registration key.

Enter your application Fingerprint
- - - -

To keep track of the computer or user for this toolkit installation enter the computer or user name below.

Retain that code and proceed on with the key purchase and generation process: