Data Repairs of Sage50© or Peachtree© Accounting Data

Data Problems

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Sage50/Peachtree generates error messages during normal use indicating file access problems.
  • The General Ledger report generates errors that Data Verification does not remove.
  • Sage50/Peachtree will not let you change accounting periods.
  • Purging or closing the year fails.
  • Some data has disappeared.
  • Some Sage50/Peachtree reports have inconsistent data.
  • Users can't log in.
  • Reports or forms freeze or cause the program to crash.

More information about specific problems we can repair.

Our Expertise

We are the experts at repairing damaged Sage50/Peachtree databases. In 1996 we were the first company to offer Peachtree data repair services and have developed special tools that allow us to analyze and repair problems with Sage50/Peachtree databases. In fact, we are the technicians behind many of the other websites that offer Sage50/Peachtree repair services, and it is not uncommon for us to repair databases that our competitors could not. Our extensive long-term experience repairing Sage50/Peachtree databases gives us the highest success rate in the business.


If you think your data needs repair, you can upload it to us and we will analyze your data for $150 (nonrefundable) to evaluate whether it is repairable and we will determine the time and cost to repair it.   If you want to get a head start, download our FREE Data Checker to passively analyze your database for physical damage and some of the most common data problems.  We'll use that information plus run additional diagnostics.


Repairs start at $300. The actual cost will depend on the size of your data, the complexity of the problem, and the amount of time required to repair it. Typical turnaround time is 2 business days or less.*

For an additional $200 you may select "Express Repair", which includes night and weekend repairs. Typical turnaround time for Express Repairs is 1 day*.

In either case we guarantee successful repair or the fee beyond the diagnostic fee is not charged.

*Actual repair time will depend on the size of the database, the nature of the problem, and whether we need to contact you for additional information.


Your data is kept completely confidential. We provide a secure site for you to upload and download your data, and while we are working on your data it never leaves our home office. We typically hold your repaired data for a short period in case there are any follow-up issues, then remove it completely from our computers.

Contact Multiware Software Data Repairs

To discuss your data with a repair specialist or to get the repair process started, call us at (619) 786-7308 or email us at  Feel free to send us screenshots or documents that illustrate the problem.