View and Edit Price Data
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View and Edit the Price Data

When you click the View/Edit Prices button the Excel workbook is started and a spreadsheet is filled with data from the Peachtree company database.

When the spreadsheet is first initialized factor 1 is set to 1 and all other factors are set to 0, and the new prices are all set =Factor1 * old Price.   You can change the formulas in the new price cells to be anything you want.   The factors are provided so that you can enter whatever terms the formulas use. 

When you close the workbook you can return to the Price Changer application and instruct it to update the Peachtree database so that the new price appear in the Peachtree application.  When the Peachtree database is updated the factors and formulas are also saved so that the next time you use the spreadsheet the same factors and formulas will appear.

You may want to have several workbooks with different factors and formulas.  Before viewing and editing prices just select the specific workbook you want on the main form.