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Price Changer for Peachtree
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An easy way to make complex changes to Peachtree price data using MS Excel. Just follow these steps:

Select the Peachtree Company

Select an Excel workbook

Adjust the Selection Filter

View and Edit price Data

Before trying the price changer on your own data, we recommend you look at the brief tutorial first.

The Price Changer was developed with VB.NET. It makes direct calls to the Btrieve engine that is installed with Peachtree to read and write item records. It understands the internal structure of the item records, so is able to locate the price level data within these records.

The Price Changer stores the factors and formulas in the Peachtree/Sage 50 company folder in a file named PriceChangerData.xml.  This way it can keep a separate set of settings for each Peachtree company you work with. If you want to remove the stored data for a company, just delete the PriceData.ini file and the price changer will build a new file the next time you use it.